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Enterprise password management integration for SAP system

Connect your SAP system with an approved Swiss password manager PassSecurium™
High-level connector for integrating PassSecurium™ with SAP modules, enabling password policies and role-based password management in compliance with SAP requirements and restrictions.

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SAP integration certification


PassSecurium™ is the world's 1st

SAP-certified password tool that provides secure and efficient password management for enterprises.

With Pass4SAP and PassSecurium™, you can easily and securely manage passwords for SAP users and systems, reducing the risk of data breaches and ensuring compliance with industry regulations. Our password manager is designed to simplify the password management process, providing a single, centralized location for all your access data.


Enterprise Password Management for SAP

Simplify and secure your password management inside your organization. Pass4SAP is designed to seamlessly integrate with your SAP system.

Granular access control

Enable granular access to SAP systems and services, with all credentials securely stored in a centralized system.

Role-based password management

Organize and control access to passwords efficiently by ensuring that only authorized team members are granted access according to their roles and groups.

Custom password policies

Define your own password security policies and make them easy for employees to follow.

Secure password sharing

Share your passwords within your team or with an external service providers inside your secure environment.

Seamless SAP integration

Enjoy smooth integration with your SAP Active Directory (AD) to optimize user management and reduce administrative overhead.

Automation and efficiency

Automate the transfer of connection structures from SAP to PassSecurium™ and optimize time and accuracy across large-scale systems.

Tailoired integration

Work with our SAP experts to tailor Pass4SAP to your specific needs and ensure a customized integration process.

Advanced access security

Increase the security of access to your password vault with an extra layer of protection through a robust VPN tunnel.

Server & Cloud solutions

Compatible with any SAP and PassSecurium™ setups, ensuring a smooth password management operation.

Experience the convenience and security of Pass4SAP - your reliable solution for enterprise password management in SAP.

Simplify, secure, and streamline your password management today.


PassSecurium™ main features as a glance

Integrated password generator

Effortless creation of strong passwords without the need to memorize them.

Security and Privacy by design

Created with user privacy in mind. SAP & ISO27001 certified.

Structured data storage

Clear and straightforward folder-based organization for handling large amounts of access data.

Universal access

Secure access to passwords from any device.

Flexible key templates

Support for different types of access data and file attachments.

Customizable interface

Personalization of the user interface to integrate the company's branding and ensure a uniform appearance.

The 1st SAP -certified
password tool

PassSecurium™ provides modern and efficient password management for large enterprises and is designed for any number of users.

In-House backup

Possibility for an additional automated backup of your PassSecurium™ data on your local machine.

On-premise option

Full integration capability with local environments, offering complete system incorporation on-site.

Swiss Made and Swiss Hosted

Guarantee of Swiss quality with server hosting exclusively in Switzerland, providing top-tier data protection.

Exclusive customer support

Advanced and prompt assistance for effective problem resolution without delays.

Detailed activity logging

Comprehensive tracking of changes and user actions for greater security and accountability.

About us

More than two decades of SAP and cybersecurity expertise

With over 20 years of experience in SAP integration, we have successfully bridged the gap between IT security and SAP through innovative solutions such as JIRA2SAP™ and PassSecurium™. 

Pass4SAP represents the pinnacle of our experience, providing enforcement of robust password policies and role-based password management in strict compliance with SAP requirements and needs.

JIRA2SAP™ Connector

Our JIRA2SAP™ Connector is designed to seamlessly integrate Jira Software with various SAP modules. This integration makes it possible to benefit from the numerous powerful advantages of Jira inside the SAP environment and to increase the efficiency and productivity in the working processes enormously.

SAP Certified Partner

Our company is a SAP Silver Partner. We have successfully passed integration certifications for SAP S/4HANA and NetWeaver.

Trusted and Secure Partner

Our company is a certified member of SWISS LABEL. All the data is Swiss Hosted. Every year we pass ISO:27001 certification to prove our compliance to the international standard for information security management.

Password Management Experts

We also offer our stand-alone password management solution: PassSecurium™ password manager. It can meet the needs of small businesses and teams as wel as large enterprises.